Virtual Learning Program


The mission of the St. Martin Parish School District’s 

Virtual Learning Program is to address the educational needs  of students via a non-traditional approach  to achieve a world-class education.         


Program Description

What is the St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program?  

The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is a schooling option to the traditional public school, operated by the St. Martin Parish School Board.  The program provides its students access to standards-based courses delivered by highly-qualified/certified instructors.  

What is the target audience for the Virtual Learning Program?  

The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is open to all students in grades 112 who reside within St. Martin Parish.  Although the program is open to all students, it may be most beneficial to students who possess the following:

•        Self-motivation

•        A desire to learn independently

•        Good time management skills

•        A preference for asynchronous learning versus the traditional classroom

•        A preference for completing assignments ahead of time

•        Technical skills (comfortable working on a computer)

•        A medical condition that interferes with attendance

•        A desire to seek an advanced course program not available in their assigned schools

•        A need for flexibility

•        A desire to graduate early


What are the criteria for enrollment?

Students desiring to participate in the St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program must be enrolled at the local public school for which they are zoned to attend. Students must obtain a Virtual Learning Program Notification Letter from their school’s counselor/curriculum coordinator prior to applying for the Virtual Learning Program. Once the student is accepted into the Virtual Learning Program, he/she will remain a student of the school where he/she is zoned to attend.

What enrollment options are available within the program?

A.              Full-Time Virtual – students will complete all courses through the virtual learning program.  All 1st through 8th grade participants must be full-time virtual and must take the courses assigned in accordance with Bulletin 741.  Exceptions must be approved by the superintendent with recommendation from the principal of the assigned site.  Facilitators will work with curriculum coordinators /counselors to ensure all necessary courses are scheduled and meet the guidelines of Pupil Progression. 

B.              Blended Model - students will complete coursework through a combination of traditional and virtual curriculum.  Only high school students are eligible to participate in the blended model.   

The facilitator will work closely with guidance counselors when scheduling student courses to ensure graduation requirements are met.


What is the location of the Virtual Learning Program Center?  

The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Center will be located on the campus of Breaux Bridge Junior High School in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, next to the Breaux Bridge Health Center for all students from the Breaux Bridge area schools.

Satellite Centers will be located as needed (by appointment) in the following in three areas as follows:  

St. Martinville – center will be located campus of St. Martinville Sr. High. 

Hours of Operation:            

7:30 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.   Monday – Thursday 

7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.   Friday 

Days of Operation:

The Virtual Learning Center will follow the St. Martin Parish School District calendar for school days and holidays.  However, students will have virtual access at any time, 24/7.  Arrangements for testing during holidays will be arranged by the facilitators on an as needed basis. Students will be notified by email of times and dates for additional testing during the holidays.  

Who will staff the Virtual Learning Center?

The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program will be facilitated by at least one certified, highly qualified teacher.  Special Education instructors will be available to meet IEP requirements once approval is received from the IEP committee.  

What are the attendance requirements?

The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program will follow the Distance Education Policy as per Bulletin 741(§2395) regarding attendance.  Class/seat time is waived and students work at their own pace from home or the virtual site. 

How will student grades be reported/recorded?

Edgenuity progress reports and status reports for students in grades 6-12 will be sent to parents on a weekly basis.  High school students will receive a St. Martin Parish report card at the end of each semester.  

Students in grades 1-5 will receive grades from Calvert Education Program.  They will receive a report card at the end of each 9 weeks reporting period from the home-based school. 



Educational courses and software management will be provided by Calvert Education for grades 1-5 and Edgenuity, for grades 6-12.  


Calvert Education for Grades K-5

Calvert’s curriculum is proven, time-tested, and well renowned as the finest of its kind available today. Educators have long recognized our curriculum for excellence, and its roots date back over a century with the prestigious Calvert School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Our approach employs an inquiry-based method of learning, enabling students to absorb subject matter and use that knowledge in vibrant, expressive ways by sharing their own knowledge and techniques with their parents, teachers, and peers.

You and your Kindergarten through Grade 5 student will receive:

•        Supporting you through the day-to-day will be a dedicated, LA statecertified teacher.

•        Live lessons delivered via Adobe Connect two times per week. One lesson will focus on math and the other will focus on the remaining core subject areas.

•        The teacher will hold Discussion Based Assessments two times per semester to authenticate learning and support mastery.

•        Our rigorous and fully accredited curriculum, delivered on a userfriendly, online platform with print materials and manipulatives to support the learning experience,

•        Attendance is captured in the online platform.

•        Parents can access progress, performance, and attendance reports at any time through the online platform. 

•        The teacher will hold parent/student/facilitator meet-ups every nine weeks to review progress, performance, and pacing. 

•        Progress reports will be sent to the parents, facilitators, and school administrators every nine weeks.


Kindergarten — Hands-on Active Learning

Calvert’s hands-on Kindergarten curriculum will prepare your child for 1st Grade. The basis of this interactive curriculum is a seamless interdisciplinary education intertwined with an introduction to basic technology and computer skills.

Calvert’s hands-on Kindergarten curriculum will prepare your child for 1st Grade. Colorful readaloud books cover themes like friendship, family, and transportation while introducing reading skills such as phonics, sequencing, auditory and visual discrimination, classifying, and rhyming.


First Grade — The Joy of Reading and Writing

Calvert’s 1st Grade curriculum harnesses the joy parents feel watching their child develop into individual critical thinkers. Engaging and challenging activities are designed to nurture a full range of phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and fluency skills. Your child will discover and explore social studies for the first time in the curriculum. With read-aloud narratives, your child can hear the biographies of well-known explorers, political figures, inventors, and leaders in American life.


Second Grade — Laying the Foundations of Grammar, Composition, History, and Science

Calvert’s 2nd Grade curriculum fully immerses your child into the world of independent reading. Using our delightful phonics storybooks and reading anthologies, your child will develop strong reading comprehension skills to last a lifetime. Simultaneously, spelling practice, word and sentence dictation, and the rules of punctuation will help prepare your child to express his or her ideas in original composition pieces.

In addition, you and your child will explore the world of Science as you perform hands-on activities and investigate units on heat, light, rock properties, the human heart, and more. Travel

through time and around the world with our Social Studies topics as you learn about old-world figures, geography, and maps. As with all Calvert courses 2nd Grade curriculum integrates technology lessons into daily activities and assignments.


Third Grade — An In-depth Exposure to Social Studies and Literature

In Calvert’s 3rd Grade curriculum, your child will explore literature and develop skills for organizational writing, all while delving into new concepts such as mythology and art history.

Calvert’s 3rd Grade curriculum also features Smiling Hill Farm, a classic but rare children’s book that is reprinted exclusively for Calvert as your child’s first piece of literature to read on his or her own. Social studies lessons will center around how communities form and work together.


Fourth Grade — Idea Expression and Scientific Discovery

Calvert Education’s 4th Grade curriculum provides opportunity for your child to exercise their creativity by writing original compositions. Your child will delve into new topics in science and technology. Calvert’s reading curriculum relies on classic children’s literature and poetry, with lessons designed to increase comprehension, appreciation, and analysis.


Fifth Grade — Comprehensive Review of History and Classic Literature

Calvert’s 5th Grade students begin to draw connections between subject matter such as American History, Literature, and Geography. Essential writing skills continue to develop through this curriculum including paragraphing, outlining, and summarizing. Your child will write original reports, stories, and essays using the lessons about sentence types in Calvert’s grammar unit.



Edgenuity Content for grades 6-12

•        Lessons contain student-centered objectives across Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains

•        Prescriptive, formative & summative assessments

•        Individualized study plan

•        Direct instruction by highly qualified teacher

•        On-demand feedback

•        eWriting & eNotes

•        Show me tutorials

•        Integrated online content

•        Reports to monitor performance and progress

•        Progress reports sent to parents, school administrators & counselors

•        Attendance is automated

•        Determines activity levels and idle time

•        Management system to assign courses, course lessons and assessments

•        Grades issued by Distance Education Provider

•        Includes National Test Prep, ACT Prep, EOC Prep, High Stakes Testing Prep & GED Prep

•        Dropout Prevention

•        Credit Recovery

•        Alternative & At-Risk

•        Summer School



Grades 6-8





Language Arts 6           




Language Arts 7           




Language Arts 8           




6th Grade Math            




7th Grade Math            




8th Grade Math            




Social Studies (Grade 6)



Social Studies

US History (Grade 7) 



Social Studies

LA History  (Grade 8) 



Social Studies

Science (Grade 6)        




Life Science (Grade 7) 




Earth Science (Grade 8)




Foundations of Personal Wellness


Physical Education & Health

Introduction to Art                 



Strategies for Academic Success



Literacy and Comprehension I



Literacy and Comprehension II
















Grades 9-12

Course                                                                   Subject

ELA 1 (Grade 9)                                                 English

ELA 2 (Grade 10)                                              English

ELA 3 (Grade 11)                                              English

ELA 4 (Grade 12)                                              English

Algebra I                                                                 Math

Algebra II                                                                Math

Geometry                                                                Math

Financial Math                                                      Math

Math Essentials                                                    Math

Advanced Math                                                    Math 

Civics                                                                            Social Studies

Geography                                                                Social Studies

US History                                                                 Social Studies

World History                                                          Social Studies

Physical Science                                                      Science

Biology                                                                          Science

Chemistry                                                                    Science

Environmental Science                                         Science             

Physics                                                                            Science

Healthy Living                                                              Health

Foundations of Personal Wellness                  Physical Education* 

Lifetime Fitness                                                          Physical Education

Art History I                                         


Into to Communication and Speech 


Career Planning and Development    


Computer Applications:  Office 2010 






Spanish I                                              


Spanish II                                             


French I                                                


French II                                               






The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is a multimedia classroom with interactive activities.  In some ways, it is like a traditional classroom.  The lessons include lectures, online content, homework practice, lab activities, and online quizzes and tests.  The advantage is that students may work according to the demands of their own schedule however they must maintain a minimum amount of weekly progress to stay in the program. Since this is a program run by the St. Martin Parish School Board, there are certain guidelines and expectations required of the participants.

•        Parent must specify how student(s) will get to and from school (virtual site or zoned school site)

•        When parents are dropping off students at the VLC they must come in to sign them in.  Students will not be allowed to leave until the parent comes in and signs them out

•        Parents must give written permission for students to drive themselves to the Virtual Learning Center

•        Although the Virtual Learning Center is available to students for the entire school day, it is not recommended that students attend the site for the entire day, every day 

•        Students must follow district and school rules as outline in the St. Martin

Parish Student Handbook and Discipline Policy

•        Students must attend either the virtual lab or the zoned school site (by appointment only) to complete all tests

•        Students entering zoned school campus for testing or other school related business, must report in full approved uniform AND must sign in and out in the office and classroom 

•        Students in good standing are able to participate in all extra-curricular activities offered by the school and district, for which he/she is eligible

•        Students who meet LHSAA (Louisiana High School Athletic Association) Guidelines will be eligible to participate in all LHSAA sponsored activities (It is the student/parent’s responsibility to get clearance from LHSAA) 

•        Any virtual program student who enters the zoned school campus prior to the ringing of the last dismissal bell must report in full uniform

•        Students eligible for college athletic scholarship consideration will need to check with the university for course acceptance prior to enrolling in classes

•        If at any time it is determined the student’s educational progress is being compromised, the administrator or designee has the right to intervene and the student may be transferred back to a traditional classroom setting

•        Students may opt out of the Virtual Learning Program with the approval of the superintendent based on a recommendation from the principal/SBLC

•        As an integral part of the success of the Connections Learning Program, the parent/guardian of elementary grade students must agree to serve as the “Learning Coach.”  The Learning Coach works closely with the teacher to make sure assignments are completed, schedules are met, and students are engaged and motivated. Therefore, students in grades 1-6 must be accompanied by their learning coach while at the Virtual Center.    

•        Upon entrance into the Virtual Learning Program, facilitators will receive input from school personnel

•        Students who are unable to complete their coursework during the academic school year can apply for an extension to complete their coursework during summer school at a cost of $100 per course

The St. Martin Parish School Board does not discriminate against students with disabilities within its Virtual Learning Program. Criteria have been established for admissions into the program and dismissal from the program.

These criteria are applicable to all students.


A student with an IEP or IAP may enroll in the Virtual Learning Program once the student's IEP committee concurs that such a placement is educationally appropriate.  If the Committee recommends the placement of the student in the Virtual Learning Program, the student will be admitted and/or exited under the same conditions applicable to regular education students, inclusive of 504.  

In the event that students with disabilities are not progressing in the Virtual Program the IEP committee should be reconvened to address the individual concerns and modify the program and/or services. SPED Services will be provided while the students are on their school campus or at the Virtual Learning Center. 

Complaint and Dispute Resolution


If a parent disagrees with the school district about their child's special education program, there are several formal and informal processes for resolving the disagreement. Contact St. Martin Parish Supervisor of Special Education for questions and concerns regarding the provision of services for students with disabilities enrolled in Virtual schools at (337)332-3388.


 Click here for the PDF version with  student forms.