The St. Martin Parish School Board Requests Your Feedback for the New St. Martin Parish Magnet Learning Programs for 2024-2025 School Year


The St. Martin Parish School Board is currently in the process of developing an exciting Magnet School Program to launch at St. Martinville Primary and the Early Learning Center for the 2024-2025 school year!

The School Board is seeking public feedback on the development of the Magnet Schools. As parents, loved ones, teachers, and students involved with St. Martin Parish schools, your input is essential to developing these programs. Read below to learn how you can make your voice heard!

What is a Magnet School?

Magnet programs first emerged as a way of remedying racial segregation and fostering more diverse schools by offering unique programming in combination with active recruitment of diverse students and staff.

A magnet school is a specialized school that focuses on a specific theme or area of interest in addition to the standard curriculum to provide students with greater opportunities for learning and development.

The theme of the magnet program can range from science and technology to the arts to career readiness, or it can include a combination of subjects. It can also be a different approach to teaching and learning, like a dual language immersion or experiential learning approaches. A magnet school offers a unique learning opportunity that is not found at other schools in the District.

What will the Magnet Schools be like?

Your feedback will help the School Board decide what the magnet schools will look like and what theme will best support the children that attend St. Martin Primary and the Early Learning Center.

We want to know what you think your children need in their elementary schools and what unique environment you want them to learn in.

Students that currently attend St. Martinville Primary and the Early Learning Center will be automatically enrolled in the magnet schools. Students from other attendance zones may enroll in the magnet schools through M-to-M transfer, if eligible. 

How is the Magnet Plan being Developed?

The District is currently developing a plan for the magnet schools, including what classes look like, what training staff will receive, and what opportunities will be available to students. As required by a Court Order, the District is collecting public feedback that it will use to develop this plan and is excited to hear from families throughout our diverse community.

The Magnet Plan is being developed by the Magnet Leadership Committee, which consists of the following people:

Frederick Wiltz – Superintendent

Sarah Allen – Supervisor of Elementary Education

Dr. Gail Dalcourt – Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Corky Matthews – Desegregation Compliance Officer

Jessica Landry – Early Learning Center Principal

Lisa Sylvester – St. Martinville Primary Principal

Shelly Dupre’ – Teche Elementary Principal

Danielle Alvarez – Cecilia Primary Principal

Tassala Jones – Parks Primary Principal

You can read a current copy of the Magnet Plan here. This plan will be updated on a regular basis until the end of October to reflect community input and updates from the Magnet Leadership Committee. This plan was last updated January 2023. A link to the plan is included below:

SMPSB Magnet Schools Proposal

You can also pick up a copy of the Magnet Plan at the Central Office, 600 Corporate Boulevard, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 or call 337-332-2105 to request that a copy be mailed to you.

How can I share my ideas for the Magnet Schools and learn more?

We want to build magnet schools where your children thrive. Your feedback will help us develop programs that meet their needs and prepare them for future success. We want to hear your ideas and changes you think we should make to the preliminary Magnet Plan. There are various ways you can learn more and provide feedback over the coming months.

     ●   You can share your feedback via the online link, where you can also access the Magnet Plan:

     ●   You can also email your feedback to the following email address:

     ●   Written feedback can also be dropped off at the Central Office, 600 Corporate Boulevard, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 or mailed to P.O. Box 1000, Breaux Bridge, LA                     70517.


Public Information Sessions

Please join us for a public information session to learn more about the current plans for the magnet learning program and hear from the Magnet Leadership Committee! The Magnet Leadership Committee will be hosting three public information sessions to provide information about the magnet program and provide updates on its development.

Public Information Session Dates:

     ●   August 3, 2023 - St. Martinville Primary Multipurpose Room 5:00 PM

     ●   August 31, 2023 - Cecilia Primary Multipurpose Room 6:00 PM

     ●   September 14, 2023 - Parks Primary Multipurpose Room at 6:00 PM

Focus Groups

The School Board is also seeking parents, guardians, teachers, and former students from the Early Learning Center, St. Martinville Primary, Parks Primary, Cecilia Primary, and Teche Elementary to participate in small Focus Groups about the Magnet Schools. During Focus Group sessions, you will have the opportunity to answer questions and provide more detailed input on the Magnet Plan. The School Board will host three Focus Groups during the summer, and each Focus Group will consist of 15 participants.

Focus Group Dates:

     ●   August 7, 2023 - St. Martinville Primary Multipurpose Room 5:00 PM

     ●   September 7, 2023 - Cecilia Primary Multipurpose Room 6:00 PM

     ●   September 21, 2023 - Parks Primary Multipurpose Room at 6:00 PM

If you are interested in participating in the Focus Groups, please call 337-909-2852 or fill out this form: