In light of Governor John Bel Edwards' Proclamation of August 2, 2021, requiring all students to wear masks while at school and the forgoing statute La.R.S.29:724(A), which grants Governor Edwards such authority to do so, the St. Martin Parish School Board will comply with the requirement that students wear masks while inside school buildings and on buses. 

The ultimate goals of the SMPSB for the 2021-22 school year is to: (1.) to keep our students and employees safe, and (2.) to keep our schools open. We know that kids learn better in the actual classroom and that they gain important social skills when they interact with each other in person. Accordingly, the use of masks will allow
us a greater chance at achieving those goals and avoiding the wholesale quarantine of large number of students as occurred last school year.  The only exemption from this mask mandate for employees and students will be through a licensed physician's examination and signed affirmation that due to severe medical issues the individual is unable to fully function wearing a face covering. An SMPSB Face Covering Medical Op-Out Letter is provided below for you to take to your physician to complete. This is the only form that will be accepted for an exemption to the mask mandate. Please see the letters below from Superintendent Blanchard and Governor Edwards for additional explanations for the SMPSB's stance on this complex matter.


SMPSB Face Covering Medical Opt-Out Letter

Superintendent Blanchard - Mask Mandate Letter

Governor Edwards - Mask Mandate Letter