St Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program

 The mission of the St. Martin Parish School District’s Virtual Learning Program is to address the educational needs of students via a non-traditional approach to achieve a world-class education.


The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is a schooling option to the traditional public school, operated by the St. Martin Parish School Board. The program provides its students access to standards-based courses delivered by highly-qualified/certified instructors.


The St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is open to all students in grades 1- 12 who reside within St. Martin Parish. Although the program is open to all students, it may be most beneficial to students who possess the following: 

  • Self-motivation 
  • A desire to learn independently 
  • Good time management skills 
  • A preference for asynchronous learning versus the traditional classroom 
  • A preference for completing assignments ahead of time 
  • Technical skills (comfortable working on a computer) 
  • A medical condition that interferes with attendance 
  • A desire to seek an advanced course program not available in their assigned schools 
  • A need for flexibility 
  • A desire to graduate early 


Students desiring to participate in the St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program must be enrolled at the local public school for which they are zoned to attend. Students must obtain a Virtual Learning Program Notification Letter from their school’s counselor/curriculum coordinator prior to applying for the Virtual Learning Program. Once the student is accepted into the Virtual Learning Program, he/she will remain a student of the school where he/she is zoned to attend.


Hours and Location: 

328 North Main Street
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

8:00 am - 7:00 pm

8:00 am -4:30 pm 

Karen Dupont
Todd Angelle
Fred Menard

Graduation Coach/Facilitator:
Pamela Hebert 

Kellie LeBlanc