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Supervisor of Computer Services

Christine Foster

Network Manager Assistant Network Manager
Todd Meche Joshua Garbett
Student Data Analyst IT Technicians
Victoria Sinegal Cynthia Stelly
  Steven Barney
  Blake Oubre

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    How to manage and allow pop-ups in Google Chrome for use with Webpams


    When downloading programs, don't forget to uncheck "OPTIONAL OFFERS", as these will slow down your systems!


Core Business Systems

  • Provide an Academic Management System to track all student classes, grades, attendance, discipline, and transcripts; report all student information to the state Department of Education as required; we currently use WebPams, from Edgear, Inc., a Louisiana company
  • Provide a Payroll System to print paychecks, calculate deductions, and keep a payroll history for all employees; report payroll data to the state Department of Education, various state retirement system as required, and to federal authorities including the Internal Revenue Service; we currently use AccuFund
  • Provide a Personnel System to track teacher certifications and qualifications and report these qualifications to the state Department of Education as required; we currently use WebPams
  • Provide an Accounting System to accurately account for all revenues and expenses of money that flow through the school district; report annual accounting data to the state Department of Education as required; we currently use AccuFund
  • Provide an Asset Tracking System to accurately keep track of all items purchased which qualify for tracking under current purchasing rules; we currently use AccuFund
  • Provide a Sales Tax Collection System to allow the school district to fulfill its responsibilities of sales tax collection agent for all parish entities which levy sales taxes; we currently use Southwest Computer Bureau's Software, a Louisiana company
  • Provide a School Food Service System which is capable of tracking students eligible for free and reduced lunch, as well as food asset tracking and food purchasing support; additionally, provide real time revenue collection capabilities in each school cafeteria; we currently use MCS Software, a Louisiana company


  • Provide Local Area Network  (LAN) to interconnect every room in every building on every campus and office location to the front office of that location.
  • Provide a Wide Area Network (WAN) to interconnect all campuses and buildings throughout the school district to the central office computer systems and server farm, to the Internet portal, and the wider world.
  • Provide a fast and reliable Internet portal to allow many computers throughout the district to be able to access the Internet simultaneously
  • Provide network Firewall capability to protect the school district network and computers from unauthorized access and intrusions
  • Provide Internet Content Filtering to protect children and employees from undesirable content such as pornographic, hate material, racist material, and criminal material
  • Provide E-Mail service to all school board employees.
  • Meet the filtering and monitoring requirements of the district, working with the instructional staff to determine what should or shouldn't be filtered.


  • Provide Telephone Service and support to every classroom and office in the school district
  • Provide service and support for all private branch exchange (PBX) telephone systems at all school and office locations
  • Provide Cellular Service to all employees designated by the Superintendent


  • Provide a centralized Technology Policy, Planning, and Purchasing (PPP) service to all school principals, supervisors, and teachers for high technology items such as computers, software, telephony, and networking products
  • Provide IT Support, setup and maintenance for all computers used throughout the school district
  • Repair, update, rotate, and service hardware and software throughout the district.
  • Provide Server and Database support at the central office for all major applications used by district personnel
  • Provide District Web Servers and Intranet Servers to make district information available to the appropriate audience
  • Assist schools with School Web Server availability to allow schools to publicize their own specific information to the public
  • Ensure adequate backups for archival need and disaster recovery.
  • Make recommendations regarding technology purchases from a technology standpoint.
  • Make recommendations regarding policy issues related to technology.
  • Make recommendations related to software purchases as to how it relates to the existing installed base.
  • Assist the instructional staff with vetting new proposals and emerging technologies as to how to best integrate them into the existing infrastructure and installed base.

Additional Student and Parent Support Database Systems

  • Destiny school library system from Follett Software

  • Accelerated Reader student reading encouragement system from Renaisance Learning

  • Skills Tutor, an Internet service that allows students to practice for LEAP testing

  • Plato Learning Environment from Plato Software, which is a student testing and assessment tool used by teachers

  • Scantron Assessment from Scantron, which gives teachers the ability to create, administer, and score tests that are aligned with state Comprehensive Curriculum standards

  • Orchard student learning, which is a graphical student learning system

  • OnCourse, an Internet service that teachers can use to record their homework assignments and lesson plans. The database is also accessible by parents, who can oversee their children's school work

  • Parent Command Center, a parent portal into the district's student information system that allows parents to use the Internet to view their children's grades, attendance, discipline, class schedule, fees

E-Rate Program

Seek out and obtain all available Telecommunications, Internet, and Internal Connection discounts available under the Universal Service program, a federal grant program to help schools and libraries across the United States obtain electronic services