Pam Jordan
Title I - Grades 5-8
625 Corporate Boulevard
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
email pamela_jordan@saintmartinschools.org

Job Responsibilities

School-Wide Improvement and Intervention
School Wide Improvement Plans (SWIP) are implemented at each PK-12 school. These plans contain the seven required components as mandated by The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).                                                                         
Each school has on file a School-Wide Improvement Plan for parents and stakeholders to view. 

Required Components of ESSA Section 1114(b):

1. Developed during 1 year period (LEA can determine less time is needed);Developed during 1 year period (LEA can determine less time is needed); Developed during 1 year period (LEA can determine less time is needed);

2. Developed with involvement or parents and other members of the community (teachers, principals, school leaders, paraprofessionals, etc.)

3. Remains in effect but shall be regularly monitored and revised as necessary;based on student needs;

4. Is available to the public in an understandable format and, to the extent practicable, in a language parents can understand;

5. Is developed in coordination with other Federal, State and local services;

6. Is based on a comprehensive needs assessment;

7. Includes strategies that the school will be implementing to address needs: 

  • Provide opportunities for all students (including each subgroup)
  • Use methods and instructional strategies to strengthen academic program, increase amount and quality of learning time, to provide well_rounded education
  • Address needs of all children,  particularly the needs of at-risk students
  • Counseling, mental health
  • Post-secondary readiness
  • Tiered school-wide system of support (coordinated with IDEA) 
  • Professional development
  • Transition from preschool to elementary program
  • Consolidated programs


Reading/Language Arts and Math Instructional Resources, Grades 5-8: 

  • All instructional activities and assessments are aligned to the Louisiana Student Standards, located on the Louisiana Education Department website, Louisiana Believes.

 Teacher resources are located in the Teacher Toolbox on Louisiana Department of Education website at


  • Read 180 Intervention Program:

    Read 180 Is a comprehensive research-based intervention program designed to meet the needs of students who are reading significantly below grade level. It is a program based on scientific research with proven results. Read 180 provides intensive reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction.  


Fine Arts Fair:
Each Spring St. Martin Parish will hold a Fine Arts Fair Competition to highlight students' academic and creative artistic talents.
For more information contact your child's school.


Title-One program for Private/Parochial Schools:
Services are provided to eligible private schools through Title-I, Title-II, and Title-III funds.