Superintendent’s Office
Superintendent - Al Blanchard 

Curriculum and Instruction
Director – Gail Dalcourt, Ed. D
Educational Technology & Libraries – Redell Louis, Supervisor
Educational Technology & Virtual Learning - Kellie LeBlanc,  Supervisor
Elementary Education - Daniel LeBoeuf, Supervisor  
Secondary Education – Laura Turpeau, Supervisor
Continuing Education –
Child Welfare and Attendance – Frederick Wiltz,Supervisor
Health Centers - Adrienne Huval
JCEP - Chicoria Shelton 
Safe and Drug Free Education - Khristy Hulin
Truancy - Mary Journet

Human Capital and Operations
Director – Al Blanchard 
Human Resources,  Athletics – Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor 
Transportation & Maintenance Supervisor - Henry Derouselle, Supervisor 


Federal Programs
Director - Pamela Jordan
Title I Grades K-4 - Melanie Taylor, Supervisor
Title I Grades 5-8Bridget Bergeron, Supervisor  
Title II - Gail Dalcourt, Director

Early Childhood & Parental Involvement - Nicole Angelle, Supervisor
Title III English Language Acquisition (ELA)
Title IV Safe and Drug Free Education - Khristy Hulin
School Nutrition -  Lucretia Hertzock, Supervisor 
Special Services Grades 6-8 - Shirley Thibodeaux,  Elementary Supervisor
Special Services Grades 9-12 - Michael Hebert, Secondary Supervisor
Special Services PK-5 - Cheryl Mitchell, Supervisor 


Business Department
Director – Casey V. Broussard
Computer Services – Christine Foster, Supervisor

Sales Tax - Matthew Rodriguez  
Tech Support - Todd Meche
Employee Health Care