Demographics and History


The parish has a total area of 2,115 km2 (816 mi2). 1,916 km2 (740 mi2) of it is land and 198 km2 (77 mi2) of it is water. The total area is 9.38% water.

Adjacent parishes

St. Landry Parish (north)

Pointe Coupee Parish (northeast)

Iberville Parish (east)

Iberia Parish

Assumption Parish (southeast)

St. Mary Parish (southwest)

Lafayette Parish (west)

† St. Martin Parish boundaries are somewhat unique, and are not contiguous. The parish consists of two areas, separated by Iberia Parish.

The primary occupation is farming, with sugar cane being the dominant crop. The largest cities are Breaux Bridge, with 7,281 residents, and St. Martinville, the parish seat, with 6,989 residents. 

The St. Martin Parish School District serves about 8,500 students. There are 17 public schools and 3 office complexes. There are also two Catholic schools, one Episcopal school, and one "Christian" school.

St. Martin Parish is the only parish in Louisiana that is geographically split into two separate areas. Upper St. Martin Parish contains 16 schools, while Lower St. Martin Parish contains only one school. 

The city of St. Martinville is historically the original settlement of French Acadian people in Louisiana when they were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British in 1769. Thus, St. Martin Parish is truly the "Birthplace of Acadiana".


As of the census2 of 2000, there are 48,583 people, 17,164 households, and 12,975 families residing in the parish. The population density is 25/km2 (66/mi2). There are 20,245 housing units at an average density of 11/km2 (27/mi2). The racial makeup of the parish is 65.95% White, 31.98% Black or African American, 0.29% Native American, 0.92% Asian, 0.20% from other races, and 0.65% from two or more races. 0.83% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

In the parish the population is spread out with 29.50% under the age of 18, 9.60% from 18 to 24, 29.60% from 25 to 44, 21.20% from 45 to 64, and 10.10% who are 65 years of age or older. The median age is 33 years. For every 100 females there are 96.30 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there are 93.00 males.

The median income for a household in the parish is $30,701, and the median income for a family is $36,316. Males have a median income of $30,701 versus $18,365 for females. The per capita income for the parish is $13,619. 21.50% of the population and 18.40% of families are below the poverty line. Out of the total population, 27.70% of those under the age of 18 and 22.10% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.

Identifying School Lots 

Many properties were donated and in some instances sold for as little as $1. Lots for schools were usually either 1 arpent (192 feet by 192 feet) or 1 acre (208.71' x 208. 71'). Some were irregular in shape.  Schools were usually located next to bayous or major roads.  The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) planted pine trees and sycamore trees on school properties in the mid 1930's. 

Early Parish Superintendents 

1886-18??  E.R. Knight    -    Salary was $100 per year

1891-1893  Dr. P.D. Olivier 
1894-1900  Frank Guilbeau
1894-1900  Frank Guilbeau 
1903-1904 Dr. J. R. Olivier
1904-1906 Justin Daspit
1906-1908 A. J. Cormier
1908-1910 Leo Favrot
1911-1912 A. C. Bernard
1912-1913 A. J. Dupuis
1913-1919 F. O. Chavez
1919-1925 W. C. Perrault
1925-1963 S. J. Montegut

Historical Community Schools

Anse Judice School

May 18, 1922 Minutes

Bus Route 1

Cade to St. Martinville to Anse Judice - St. Martinville High School

March 6, 1930 Minutes - Bid of Albert Olivier of $102 on the old Anse Judice school was accepted.  Mr. Claude Thomas offered $12.00 for the fence on the property recently purchased from the Detiege heirs.  Board received no acceptable bids on the house acquired in the purchase of the Detiege property.



1913 Lucye Ledoux , teacher  $50 per month salary

1917 Editha Guidry

1919 Evelyn Fuselier

1921 Hilda Thomas

Arnaudville Negro School

Built on Butler property next to Alex property, donation of A. R. Butler recorded August 24, 1926 (conveyance # 45654)

Mrs. Alex (Broussard) attended school there.  Originally a one room school enlarged to 2 rooms.  Mack Taylor children attended school there.

January 6, 1949 - Additions and alterations to the Arnaudville Colored School at a cost of $6,297

June 2, 1955 Minutes -Authorized one room school building located near Arnaudville that was formally used as a school for the colored to the Carver High School site.



1945 Eula McMillion

1946 TBA

1949 Willie Simms, William Moore Jr.

1951 Magdalean Woods, Teacher

Arnaudville School

Formed by merger of Marks and Kidder Schools after Kidder was destroyed by wind and school term finished school year at old Gordon Mills Store. (Freddie Mill's Uncle)

School now located at Poche Bridge Girl Scout camp.

July 3, 1935, Minutes - Arnaudville Elementary School named Dan P. Martin Elementary School in recognition to long and faithful service rendered the schools of St. Martin Parish and particularly as a reward for his efforts and interest in establishing and constructing the said school and building.

1938  Joseph Theriot, Principal - Cecile Rousseau, Evelyn Gary, teachers
1940  Jospeh Theriot, Principal - Yvette Thevenet, Mrs. Noah Angelle
1942  Joseph Theriot, Principal, Mrs. Noah Angelle, Louise Mistrot
1945  Mrs. Noah Angelle, Mrs. B. D. Champagne, Janice Morrow
1949  Mrs. D. J. Leblanc, Rose Aimee Bernard, Mrs Seola Rabalais
1951  Mrs. D. J. Leblanc, Rose Aimee Bernard, Ina Matt, teachers

Atchafalaya School


1921 Amelie Judice
1926 Lucille Alleman
1930 Mrs. George Westfall
1938 Lena Broussard

Banker Negro School


1945 Olivia Jean Batiste

1946 TBA

1947 Mabel Obrey

1949 Marguerite K.West, Mabel Obrey

June 2, 1955 Minutes - Mover Clarence Savoie charged $630 to move 2 one room school buildings located at Banker Plantation to the colored school site at St. Martinville

Bayou Benoit School


1940 Claude Guidroz

1942 Linnie Summers

1943 Linnie Summers

1949 Mrs. Gussie Bumgardner, George Myers

1951 Cliffort Durand, Jr., Mrs. Gussie Bumgardner, teacher

Bayou Chene School

Bayou Chene School 

Located next to Iberville Parish on the Atchafalaya

Also known as Crook Chene

April 11, 1922 minutes:  Superintendent was authorized to pay Clayton Carline $100 per month to transfer children to the Bayou Chene School of the Crook Chene route.

Building at Bayou Chene had substantial repairs and repainted in summer 1933.

Sept. 1, 1938 Minutes - Authorized the superintendent to enter a project with the Works Progress Administration (CCC) for elevating, leveling, grading of the school site and raising school building at Bayou Chene.

January 6, 1949 Minutes  Due to the flood control program, the Bayou Chene school building was dismantled and moved to a higher school site.



1913 Floyd P Burd         $75 Monthly

1917 E. O. Daigle Principal,  Ollie King, Teacher

1921 Frank L Maraist, Principal  Teachers Hugh and Julie Daspit

1926 E. M. Daspit, Principal - Mrs. E. M. Daspit, Julia Daspit, Stanley Leblanc, Teachers

1930 Hugh Daspit, Principal - Annis Pynes, teacher

1938 Mrs. Gertie S. Tenpenny, Principal - Francis Resweber, Vivian Ozenne, Elodie Bienvenu, teachers

1940 Mrs. Gertie s. Tenpenny

1942 Mrs. Evelyn Stockstill, Mrs. Gertie S. Curry

1945 Sarah Barr, Robert Lee Bordelon

1949 Sarah Barr, Freida Mae Curry

1951 Miss Jennie Ferguson, Mrs. Howard Doiron

Bayou LaRompe School

There was once a public school in the LaRompe community. According to the minutes of school board meeting of September 4, 1930, the Rycade Oil Company tendered to the St. Martin School Board a school building to be used as a one teacher school to be operated at LaRompe for the school session of 1930-31.  The motion of board member Mr. Bienvenu and seconded by Mr. Guirard and was unanimously approved.  No other mention was ever made of the school either before or after this board meeting.  Was the school needed for the employees of Rycade Oil Company doing work in the area?  Were there other people living in the area besides fishermen and hunters? And where is LaRompe? 

     There is very limited material available but so far I have determined that Bayou LaRompe is located in the Atchafalaya basin south of Butte LaRose, east of Catahoula, and north of Lake Fausse Pointe in the vicinity of Lake Rycade. A Google search reveals little excepting a brief description and mention of a Bayou LaRompe Hunting Club and a suit filed in the Louisiana Western District Federal Court vs. Meche et. al. in 2005..

     In 1930 there was a voting precinct there so there must have been a few permanent residents in addition to fishermen, trappers and employees of Rycade Oil Company living in the area. A source tells me that many of the people of the LaRompe community lived in house boats.

      In 1922 the Rycade Oil Co. had completed a gravity survey of the famous Spindle Top salt dome in Jefferson County, Texas.   The company's seismograph crew equipped with a new type of foreign equipment was exploring for oil all along the gulf coast, so it is not surprising that they were doing seismic work in the Bayou LaRompe area in 1930.  Apparently when the company completed their seismic work, the Rycade Co. removed all their equipment and buildings so there was no justification to continue having a school in LaRompe beyond the one year the school was operated. 

Bayou Tortue Negro School


1945 Mabel W. Obrey

1946 Mabel W. Obrey

Belle River School

Dec. 2, 1937 minutes - On motion of Mr. Bernard, seconded by Mr. Leblanc and approved that the Belle River School be built on the levee right-of-way at Belle River, since permission has been granted to the board to use the said right-of-way in a letter dated November 11, 1937 and signed by Corps of Engineers.


1917 Vera Nesom
1919 Josie Charlieville
1940 Woodrow Marshall
1930 TBA

Breaux Bridge Elementary Negro School


1945 Dorothy Champagne

1946 Olivia Jean Batiste

1947 Lorena M. Silas, Teacher

1949 Lorena Silas

Butte La Rose School


1913 Staff    TBA
1915-1921W. J. Royal
1926 E. Dupuis Jr. (note: Feb 9, 1926 because of high water which now covers the school grounds and also the adjacent land at Butte La Rose it was moved by Mr. Bienvenu, sec by Mr. Stockstill that a transfer for the accommodation of the school children.  Motion carried.
1927 M. Westfall (M name blurred)
1929 E. Dupuis Jr.
1930 Miriam Mills
1931 Evelyn Melancon
1932 Ethel DeLaureal
1933 Teachers appointed by rural area only. Possibly Mae Fuselier ?
1934 May (Mae) Fuselier
1935 Albert Thomas
1936 Albert Thomas  
1937 Albert Thomas Princ., Mona Halphen Teacher

New school built in 1938 to replace one destroyed by fire ?

1940 Albert Thomas, Gertrude Resweber
1942 Mrs. Lee Bergeron
1943 Mrs. Lee Bergeron
1947 None listed in minutes
1948 Ethel Dupuis
1949 none listed in minutes

1950 Board seeks special permission from State Board of Education for the Butte La Rose and Bayou Boutte schools for the 1949-50  school session since the average daily attendance had dropped below the required ten pupils, at the close of the 1948-49 school session.

1951 Adley Wyatt

March 3, 1960  Minutes - Best bid by Herman Dupuis in amount of $1,500.50 for the two-room Butte La Rose school building, fences, outhouses, several kerosene refrigerators, window shades, electric water pump and pressure tank, that his bid be accepted and property he had donated be returned.

Cade Negro School


1945 Arthur King, Mildred Landry

1946 Arthur King, Mildred Landry, teachers

1947 Arthur King, Mildred Landry, teachers

1949 Mildred Landry, Mattye L. Washington, Arthur King

Cade School


1913 Paul Daspit (P)       $75 monthly,  Teacher,  Ernestine Mayhall  

1917 P. J. Gaapet (?) Principal,   Teachers: Vivial Lyall, Muriel Angers

1919 Mioa Mouton, asst,   principal and other asst. TBA

1921 Curtis Swarnes, Principal,  Teachers: Arthemise Bernard, Evelyn Fuselier

1926 Mabel Delahoussaye, Rowena Landry, Teachers

1930 Rose Duhon, teacher

Calais Negro School

August 1, 1935 Minutes- Calais School buildings and to submit to the W.P.A. (CCC)

January 7, 1954 Minutes - Retroceded donation dated July 16, 1924, recorded under Conveyance 45230, Jean Bate Lewis, Zenon Augillard and Auguste Aguillard donated to the SMPSB a certain strip of land situated in the fourth ward measuring one arpent…which was donated to be used for public school purposes for the instruction of colored children and this land is no longer used for school purposes… returned to owners.

Calais School closed with the beginning of the 1952-53 school year.



1945  TBA

1946  TBA

Catahoula Cove School


1917 Edmund Fournet, Principal  
         Teachers:  Flavia Mendoze, Jeanne Bertrand
1919 R(?) Fournet, Assistant to be appointed later
1921 Agatha Barras, Principal  Teacher:  Estelle Delaloire
1926 Enola Durand
1930 Doreen Eastin
1938 Mae Fuselier, Principal -Juanita Maraist, teacher
1940 Juanita Maraist, Elodie Bienvenu
1942 Mrs. Juanita M Durand, Mrs. Joseph A Dautreuil, Jr.
1943 Mrs. Gerard Durand

Catahoula Lake School


1921 E. E. Woods

1926 Mildred Dessens

1930 Leona Martin, Lena Delahoussaye, teachers

1938  Hugh Daspit, Principal - Pauline Ozenne, Loula Mae Lovas, Sylvia Fournet, Hazel Dessens, Lilly Mae Greig, teachers

1940  Hugh Daspit, Principal, Merle Durand, Cecile Maraist, Nelda Thomas, Mrs. Hazel D. Bienvenu, Loula Mae Lovas, Evelyn Gary, Mona Halphen

1942  Hugh Daspit, Charles Bernard, Jr. Cecile Maraist, Aglas Judice, Mona Halphen, Mrs. Vivian O. Thomas

1943  Mrs. Vivian O. Thomas, Mona Halphen, Aglas Judice, Mrs. Nelda T. Bernard, Cecile Maraist

1945  Mrs. L.H. Boulet, Mrs. Jo B. Aubry, Alice Cade, Mrs. Pauline O. Eastin, Florence Fournet, Aglas Judice, Mrs.Mona H. Dupuis, Mrs. Vivian O. Thomas

1949  Robert Daspit, Mrs. Marie Eastin, Florence Fournet, Mrs. Rosy G. Angelle, Mrs. L'Vonne Anderson, Aglas Judice, Mrs. Ward Martin

1951  Hugh Daspit, Principal - Mrs. M. A. Bernard, Mars. Marie D. Eastin, Mrs. Rosy G. Angelle, Florence Fournet, Aglas Judice, Patricia S. Fournet, Mrs. E. L. Guidry, Jr., teachers

Coteau Holmes School

August 1, 1935 Minutes- Plans made to tear down and rebuild Coteau Holmes, Grand Anse, Portage, Huron, Poche Bridge, and Calais School buildings and to submit to the W.P.A. (CCC)



1913 Teacher to be announced                
1917 not mentioned                                 
1921 Lucy Bienvenu                                
1926 Lucy Bienvenu                                
1930 Lucille Alleman
1938 Nelda Thomas
1940 Margaret Maraist
1942 Theresa Dautreuil


Coteau Rodaire School

Property from Alexandre Babineaux, November 9, 1892 (conveyance #24041) 
Property auctioned to highest bidder on January 4, 1951

1917 Principal:  W. H. Trappey, 
Teachers:  Adine Nichols, August Pelafigue

1919 Moise Thibodeaux, Genevieve Angers
1921 Genevieve De Lassus, Assistant
1938 Verne Maraist
1942 Elizabeth Holcomb
1945 Bernice Dupuis

Cypremort - Beauregard School

Called Cypremort School in 1917, Beauregard after 1921

Board member Beauregard Dupuis dies 18, January, 1918

Replaced by Mr. Lucius Leblanc

School closed in 1953


1913 Helen Gauthier   $50 monthly  1917  Ella Dautreuil, Principal  E. Dupuis, teacher

1919  Ella Dautreuil, E. Dupuis
1921  Beauregard School -  Florence Harkins, Principal  Mabel Harkins, Teacher
1926  Agnes Angelle, Edith Angelle
1930  Bernice Boudreaux, Aline Delahoussaye, teachers
1938  Nursey Hebert, Principal - Marie Claire Dauterive, teacher
1940  Genieve Hebert, Alice Boudreau
1945  Mrs. Alice B. Devillier, Norma Thibodeaux
1951  Mrs. Norma T. Boudreaux, Mrs. Mona H. Dupuis, teachers

Cypress Island Negro School


1949 Cristiana Haskin, Rosa Mae Dugas

Four Mile Bayou School

March 6, 1930 minutes - Motion of Mr. Stockstill, seconded by Mr. Leblanc that one-room school be established at Four Mile Bayou in conjunction with Assumption Parish.

January 7, 1937 Minutes New building built at Four-mile Bayou to replace one we had been renting.



1938 TBA

1945 Leonard Daigle

Geko Negro School

Board minutes - July 13, 1926  Motion of Mr. Leblanc, seconded by Mr. Stockstill that a colored school be opened at Gecko

Located on Main St. a few blocks south of Gecko St. Intersection,  next to small cemetery

Hardy Joseph's sisters attended school there.



1945  Rosa Mae Dugas

1946  TBA

1949  Bertha Leday

1951  Bertha Leday, teacher

Grand Anse School

August 1, 1935 Minutes- Plans made to tear down and rebuild Coteau Holmes, Grand Anse, Portage, Huron, Poche Bridge, and Calais School buildings and to submit to the W.P.A. (CCC)

January 7, 1937 - Grand Anse built new building to take the place of the obsolete building.

Grand Point Negro School

Oct 2, 1941 - Low bidder for the construction of the Grand Point Negro school - Robert Angelle $2121.21

January 6, 1949 Minutes  Additions and alterations were made to the Grand Point School at a cost of $588.00



1945 Avain J. L. James

1946 TBA

1947 Leola McEwen, teacher

1949 Florence McKinly, Leolia McEwen

Huron Negro School

August 1, 1935 Minutes- Plans made to tear down and rebuild Coteau Holmes, Grand Anse, Portage, Huron, Poche Bridge, and Calais School buildings and to submit to the W.P.A. (CCC)

Board minutes - January 7, 1954 - Whereas, by donation dated July 15, 1924, Mrs. Joseph Roy donated to SMPSB a certain strip of land situated in the fifth ward measuring one arpent, which is bounded North by public road, south, east, and west by donor… land was donated for the instruction of colored children and since this land is no longer used for school purposes….reconveyed to owner.

August 3, 1950 Portage and Coteau Rodaaire schools moved to Huron by Claude Guidry mover.



1945 TBA

1946 TBA

1949 Laverne Labauex

1950 James Simmons

Isle Labbe Negro School

1945 TBA

Isle Labbe School


1917  Pauline Fournet
1919  Lillian  Daspit
1921  Lillian Daspit
1926  Sylvia Greig, Agnes Barras, Teachers
1930  Sylvia Greig
1938  Marie Dugas
1940  Celine Dugas
1942  Mrs. Elodie B. Larson

Kidder School

School destroyed by storm and materials used to build school in Arnaudville (merged with Marks School)

March 6, 1936 Minutes - Authorized to transfer and retrocede to John Kidder the lot donated by him for school purposes, one arpent.  See act recorded August 1, 1904 (conveyance No. 30575)


1913  Clara Pollard (P)    $40 Month   
1917  Haritta Delacroiz
1919  Mary Lastrapes
1921  Eusabie Breaux, Principal,  Teacher, Joanna de Lassus
1926  Lucille Hebert
1930  Evelyn Boudreaux

La Pointe Negro School

1945 Essie Carmouche
1946 Rosa Mae Dugas, Florence Moore
1947 Rosa Mae Dugas, Florence M. McKinley 

LaPointe School


1917 May Pellerin, Italia Ledoux

1919 Vivian Lyall

1921 Marie Louise Potier Principal, Teacher Mabel Maraist

1926 Helen Broussard

LeBlanc School

1913 tba

See  Thibodeaux-Leblanc

1917  Ernestine Mayhall, Cladia Gary

1921  Elizia Maraist, Principal  Teacher, Lena Maraist

Levert School

Property deeded November 7, 1938 (conveyance 61010)

Levert St. John, Inc., in third ward



1917 Gertrude Bertrand

1919 Gertrude Bertrand

1921 Marie de Lassus

Magenta - Poche Bridge School

Oct 7, 1920, a petition was presented to the board from the people of Poche Bridge asking that they be permitted to move the Magenta School to Poche Bridge without expense to the Board.



1913 Eunice Sallinger    $50 monthly

1917 Edda Webre

1921 School moved to Poche Bridge

Marks School

Between Cecilia/Arnaudville Property acquired from Mr. George Clifton Coles

Property was retroceded to Mr. G.C. Coles  November 6, 1941

Marks School was merged with Kidder and new school built in Arnaudville

1913   Mary Lastrapes        $40 monthly
1917   Mary Lastrapes
1919   Daisy Champagne
1926   Mrs. T. J. Dolese  
1930   Lucille Hebert

Henderson School

Henderson (old) was originally called Lenora

Lot identified by Frederic Stelly

School in Henderson opened in 1939

A one room school house containing grades 1-3

(Later grades 1, 2 only) and closed in 1952.

1942 Gertrude Resweber
1945 Mrs. Charles A. Girard   
1949 Mrs. Bernice Guidry 
1951 Mrs. Bernice Guidry

Parks Elementary

1917 L. A. Yeldell, Principal, Teacher Nell Gauthier

1919 Nell Gauthier, Eliza Maraist

1926 Mrs. Eula Castille, Principal -Eliza Maraist, Mabel Maraist, Blanche Gauthier, Teachers

1930 Mrs. Eula Castille, Principal - Lucille Guidroz, Mabel Maraist, Mrs. Palmer Fuselier, teachers

1938 Lloyd Resweber, Principal, Madelene Bienvenu, Louise Bienvenu, Gertrude Melancon, Dorothy ?, Teachers

1940 Mrs. Blanche Gauthier, Principal, Gertrude Guirard, Cecile Rousseau, Verne Maraist, Gertrude Melancon, Iola Eastin

1942 Blanche Gauthier, Claude Broussard, Loula Mae Lovas, Verne Maraist, Mrs. Gertrude M. Maraist, Iola Eastin

1949  Mrs. Blanche Gauthier, Mrs. Marguerite Landry, Mrs. Rowan Eastin, Bernice Dupuis, Mrs. E. L. Guidry, Jr.

1945 Mrs. Blanche Gauhier, Marguerite Maraist, Mrs. Loula L. Bernard, Mrs. Gertrude M. Maraist, rs. Gerard Durand, Mrs. Evelyn G. Barras

1951 Mrs. Blanche Gauthier, Mrs. Lucille T. Poche, Mrs. Loula L. Bernard, Bernice Dupuis, Mrs. Evelyn G. Barras

Patin School

Property acquired from Arcade Patin (Conveyance No. 31237) for the price of $1.00 and for the consideration that the School Board bind itself to build a school house on said lot of ground for the education of the white youth.

January 8, 1948 minutes - Property returned to Heirs of Arcade Courville as property no longer needed.

1917 Gaston Thibodeaux, Euzelde Patin                    
1921 May Fournet, Assistant                                      
1926 C. J. Patin, Kern Arceneaux                                
1930 Maude Dupuis
1938 Irene Broussard
1940 Ruth Hebert
1942 Ruth Hebert 

Portage School

On March 30, 1925 SMPSB entered into an agreement with Robert Martin whereby it was agreed that a school would be established if landowners would donate 1 square arpent.

August 1, 1935 Minutes- Plans made to tear down and rebuild Coteau Holmes, Grand Anse, Portage, Huron, Poche Bridge, and Calais School buildings and to submit to the W.P.A. (CCC)

July 6, 1950.  Moved school at Bayou Portage, cisterns, outhouses, storage buildings, etc. to new site for the colored school near Coteau Rodaire (Huron)



1926 Leona Beslin
1930  Lottie Rowan
1938  Loretta Bienvenu, Mrs. Noah Angelle
1940  Francis Resweber, Ina Matt
1942  Francis Resweber, Ina Matt
1945  Mrs. D. J. Leblanc, Ina Matt
1949  Ina Matt

Savoy School

May 18, 1922 Minutes

Bus Route # 3 (Horse drawn)

Savoy to Parks-Parks to La Pointe


1917 Elza Maraist

1919 Lena Maraist

1921 Lydia Gaudin

1926 Annaise Leblanc

St. Martinville High School

First School (court house records)

Pamphlet 1905

1913 I. V. Gremillion (P)      $125

Stephensville School

Jan 2, 1934 minutes:  A new building was constructed at Stephensville, on Bayou Long         

1938 TBA
1940 Charles Bernard
1942 Louisette Duhon
1943 Louisette Duhon
1945 Louisette Duhon

Thibodeaux School

1917 Ernestine Mayhall, Claudia Gary


See Thibodeaux-Leblanc

Thibodeaux - LeBlanc School

May 18, 1922 Minutes

Bus route # 4

Parks to Thibodeaux-Leblanc to Breaux Bridge High School



1919 Perle Gauthier, Maude Lejeune

1926 Jeanne Fuselier

1930 Laurence Resweber

1938 Iola Eastin

1940 Theresa Dautreuil

1942 Lucie Gauthier

Union Bayou School

Located on Anse Broussard Highway

 Pictures by Randal "Rick" Rodriquez


1913 Vivian Lyall, Principal, $50 Month, Beatrice Champagne ($35), teacher

1917 Marie Roth, Principal, Beatrice Champagne, teacher

1919 Beatrice Champagne

1926   Mrs. T. J. Landry

Historical Data was researched and compiled by Floyd Knott.  All school names used are historical information.