Covid 19 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions frequently being asked by parents. 

Q: Does my child need to be with me to pick up the grab & go meal?

A: Yes, children must be with you to receive their meal.


Q: Can adults receive a meal?

A: No, only children 18 years and younger can receive a grab & go meal.


Q: Are the meals for all children?

A: Yes, grab & go meals are available for ALL children 18 and younger.


Q: Has Easter Break been rescheduled?

A: No, the school board has not changed the calendar; so, Easter Break remains the same. 


Q: Has Pre-K registration been rescheduled?

A: it has been suspended and will be rescheduled once schools open. We will post as soon as the decision is made.


Q: Where do we get the class codes for the educational resources?

A:   We have added the codes to our internet resource guide were they are needed.  We have also added usernames (UN) and passwords (PW) on the guide to assist students in logging on.  Your child's teacher will contact you through email, phone or remind to provide you with their usernames and passwords for iReady. Students who need access to EOC tutoring courses can contact Kellie LeBlanc at for enrollment in the free tutoring courses.  


Q: What if you have no computer?

A:  The activities being sent home are not required.  These are optional activities and resources being provided by your child's teacher or the St. Martin Parish School Board in an effort to keep our students on target with the information they have already acquired and to minimize the "Summer Slide" or regression in their education. 


Q: When will report cards go out?

A: Report cards will be mailed out on Monday, March 23, 2020.


Q: Will a lunch menu be posted?

A: Possibly, to be determined.


Q: Are all public schools going to be out of school for the rest of the year or will they be back in school April 17?

A:  This decision will be made by the governor 's office.  Please monitor news and review the website for more information as it becomes available. 


Q:  Will  Leap2025 and EOC testing start when school resumes?

A:  The State of Louisiana has receive a waiver for all LEAP2025 and EOC testing for this school year.


Q:  When will we know about promotions for next school year?

A:  We are still awaiting guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education.  The district does not have the authority to make some of these decisions.  There are laws and policies that govern these issues.


Q:  Do we have a return to school date? 

A:  We know that we are closed through April 30 as the governor has already made this announcement that the "lockdown" has been extended.  We feel your frustration, and we would much rather our kids be in school, but we have no control over this pandemic or when we return to school.


Q:  When will graduation take place?

A:  We will have a graduation ceremony for our three high schools whenever this crisis is over, and the government and CDC says that it is safe to hold a ceremony.   We are still awaiting guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education--this is a first for everyone--and we will inform you when we have the answers.


We receive conference calls from the Louisiana Department of Education on a weekly basis.  However, they are having to work their way through a huge pile of issues.  Please know that we will keep you informed as soon as we have answers.