Coordinator of SBHC's & School Nurse Program


Adrienne Huval, MS, LPC-S

School Nurses

School Nurses from left to right:

Stephanie Latiolais, Brandie Champagne, Sharon Boudreaux, Rita Trailer, Bridget Defelice, Amanda Bouchereau, and Tiffany Bertrand



School personnel will cooperate with public health personnel in completing and coordinating all immunization data, waivers and exclusions, including the necessary Vaccine Preventable Disease Section’s School Immunization Report forms in LINKS(Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide) to provide for control of preventable communicable diseases.

School Nurse Contact Information

Amanda Bouchereau

BBP, BBJH, St. Bernard        Office # 332-1821 ext. 1435
                           Cell# 342-9185

Sharon Boudreaux

BBHS, BBE, AED/CPR           Office # 332-3131 ext. 3580
                              Cell# 342-9198

Tiffany Bertrand

 CP, CJH                                   Office # 667-6700 ext. 1703
                               Cell# 342-9212

Brandie Champagne

CE, PP, PMS, JCEP, SE          Office # 845-4663 ext. 1923
                              Cell# 342-9174

Rita Trailer

TE, CHS, NIS Cec                    Office #667-6400 ext.2947
                                Cell #342-9195

Stephanie Latiolais

  ELC, SMSH, Trinity, NIS SM    Office # 394-4763 ext. 2207
                                 Cell # 342-9205

Bridget Defelice

 SMP, SMJ, NIS BB, SE                Office # 394-6333 ext. 2683
                                   Cell # 342-9167

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